Sunday, 21 October 2012

National Conference on “Critical Aspects of Film Appreciation” in Raipur

Dr.Narendra Tripathi has sent in the following announcement:
The department of Electronic Media Kushabhau Thakre Patrakarita Avam Jansanchar Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur,  has organized a two  day National Conference on “Critical Aspects of Film Appreciation” on  7th and 8th November, 2012  at the University Campus on the occasion of the Indian cinema completing 100 years of its glorious existence.
Film industry has witnessed significant growth in the last decade with the advent of more and more production houses. Film appreciation has become a major field of journalism with more and more movies being produced every year. There is also increasing scope in the field of film journalism with growth of electronic media channels and print media. This seminar is an attempt to discuss the critical aspects of film appreciation which would guide the future and present film journalists and provide them with a new approach towards film appreciation.
The Sub –themes of the seminar will be :
Various aspects of Film Journalism, Technical aspects of film appreciation, Changing trends of film production, Reviewing the established trends of film criticism, Dichotomy between commercial and critical acclaim, Film language and Grammar, Brief History of Indian Cinema, Economics of Film Industry, Inter relation between television and cinema, Cinema as a tool of communication, Film and society
Research papers have to be submitted both in soft copy to the email id : , and  in hard copy to the postal address mentioned in the brochure.
Last date of submission of abstract is 30/10/2012.
Last date of submission of complete papers is 05/11/2012.
Participation in this seminar is invited from teachers, research scholars and other interested persons. The details of registration, registration fees, papers submission are mentioned in the brochure attached along with this letter.
Registration fees include food arrangements for 7-8 November 2012 and accommodation only on availability basis. Travelling expenses will have to be borne by the participants.
Since it is the time of Chhattisgarh state festival (Rajyotsava), therefore request for accommodation shall be made in advance.
Yours Sincerely

Dr.Narendra Tripathi
Convener of the Seminar and Head
Department  of  Electronic Media Kushabhau Thakre Patrakarita Avam Jansanchar Vishwavidyalaya
Mob. 09425755699, 09406282760
Office :- 0771-2779207

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