Friday, 17 August 2012

Book on Public Service Broadcasting and its Role in Raising Civic Consciousness

Dr Sanjay Ranade has sent the following:

AMIC has published a book titled 

Public Service Broadcasting and its Role in Raising Civic Consciousness.

Its details:

Authors:                                           Sundeep R Muppidi & Premila Manvi., eds
Price                                                S $30 (Asia)    US $23 (Outside Asia)
ISBN                                                978-981-4136167
Year of Publication:                         2012  

In the past two decades, public service broadcasting (PSB) around the world has witnessed intense competition and pressure from commercial broadcasters, as well as a whole range of new media channels. How is PSB withstanding this competition and how relevant are such channels in todays society? 

This book explores the role of media in democratic societies and specifically that of PSBs in Asia. It presents case studies from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kampuchea, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Macau, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. These studies document the Asian experience in PSB while exploring if there is a role that such networks are playing (or can play) in creating a civic conscious Society.

The book contains a chapter penned by Dr Ranade.

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