Friday, 18 November 2011

Call for papers for the July-Dec 2012 issue of Media Watch

I have received the following announcement Prof Dev Vrat Singh

The Media Watch, research journal on Journalism and Mass Communication, invites research papers on:

Media and Human Rights
For its forthcoming issue July-December 2012.
With the cooperation from media researchers, teachers and eminent media scholars, the Centre for Communication Studies has been regularly bringing out mass communication research and studies journal, ‘Media Watch’ for some years now. In its earlier issues, the journal has published papers and articles on some of the important issues in journalism, new media, broadcasting, and information and communication technologies.

The journal has been publishing articles and research papers on specialised themes in journalism and mass communication from its inception.

The current issue of the journal, July-December 2011, has published specialised research papers on ‘On-line Advertising/Internet Advertising.’The next issue of the journal, January-June 2012 will focous on ‘Changing Face of Indian Media.’
Themes for July-December 2012 Issue. Human Rights have become an important part of media debate recently. It is therefore, bounden duty of a research journal to highlight the issues in this area.

Logically, therefore, the next issue of Media Watch journal, July-December 2012 will
concentrate on diverse areas of research on media and human rights.
Papers are invited for publication in the journal by March 30, 2012. Suggested topics are as

1. Freedom of expression Right to information
2. Corruption and criminalisation of politics Political violence by non-state actor
3. Disability HIV/AIDS
4. Labour and child rights Environmental disaster
5. Domestic violence

Please Note
Authors are requested to adhere to Media Watch’s style sheet posted on Media Watch Website ( Contributions may preferably be sent preferably by e-mail.
Acknowledgement will be sent immediately.

For any inquiry, please write to Editor, Media Watch at
Editor, Media Watch (Mobile : +91-94395 37641)
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