Sunday, 31 July 2011

Prof. Abdur Rahim passes away

I received the sad news through Prof Tapati Basu's mail this morning. I had met him in Pune about six/seven years ago and had enjoyed his company. After that I have had no contact with him. Yesterday, I chanced to meet Prof Vasuki Belwadi, Head of the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad, in Mumbay,  and inquired with him about Prof Abdur Rahim. I requested him to send me his contact details. This was almost around the same time when Prof Rahim was breathing his last.

Former head of the Department of Communication and Journalism, Osmania University, Prof. Abdur Rahim, passed away on Friday morning.
He was 67. He left behind his sorrowing wife, two sons and three daughters.
Prof. Abdur Rahim, who was suffering from paralysis and went into coma a few days ago, died in the Care hospital.
Prof. Rahim, who had completed his MA and MCJ from Osmania University, joined as a lecturer in 1972 in the Department of Communication and Journalism, OU and retired in 2004. He also served as chairman of Bharat Samachar, an Urdu-English News and Features Agency, Chairman of Press Media” English Daily, Hyderabad, Chairman of Andhra News and Features (ANF), vice-president of Commonwealth Association of Education in Communication and Journalism (CAEJAC) Canada, vice-president of AP Small and Medium Newspapers Federation, Hyderabad and so on.
He had vast experience as researcher and presented many papers in several seminars. He contributed articles to many national and international publications. He also published three books. He had participated in several international conferences and presented 18 international papers

Source: Kirti Singh, Media Educators, 

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