Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mandanmohan Rao's book '15 Years of the Internet in Asia'

 Dr Madanmohan Rao’s book “15 Years of the Internet in Asia”  is scheduled to be launched in Delhi on February 11. A website about the book is already up, http://netchakra.net/ . The website tells us that the book has the following chapters:

(As one who studied online editions of Indian newspapers for a doctoral thesis, I found the chapters of the book very important for information and references. I have not yet read the book, but I will like to go through it at the earliest)

Chapters in the book:

Part I: Foundations
Internet and India: A Bond That’s Growing Stronger
Manish Dalal
The Future is in the CloudRajnesh D. Singh

Part II: The Pioneers
Bringing the Internet to India
Srinivasan Ramani
Birth and Growth of Internet in India
T.H. Chowdary
India’s Internet Policy and Regulatory Regime
Amitabh Singhal
From BB (Bulletin Boards) to BB (Broad Band) Internet
Suchit Nanda
From NRIs to Indians to Global Citizens: Evolution of the Indian Presence on the Internet
B.G. Mahesh
The IndiaWorld Story
Rajesh Jain

Part III: Internet Impacts
e-Panchayat: Digital Networks for Government Efficiency
D.K. Jain
e-Government in India: Converting The Digital Divide Into A Digital Opportunity
Ashis Sanyal
Internet in India: Impact on Farming
Venkataraman Balaji
The Internet in a Developing Society
Usha Vyasulu Reddy
Fifteen years of Internet in India: Impact in Educational Institutes
S. Sadagopan
India's transition to a Knowledge Economy
Amir Ullah Khan
Impact of the Internet on Skills & Education in India
Ganesh Natarajan
Internet and Education in India: Crisscross connection
Mira K Desai
Financial inclusion and the Internet
Arun Jethmalani
News Media: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Sunil Saxena
Internet Literacy in a Globalised Media World
Keval J. Kumar
The Evolution of E-Commerce in India: A Policy Perspective
Alwyn Didar Singh

Part IV: Case Studies

Telemedicine and the Internet
Arjun Kalyanpur
Development Dialogues on, for, and via the Internet
Frederick Noronha

India Infoline: A Story of Internet Transformation
Nirmal Jain

Rural Business and the Internet: Sustainability, Profitability and role of Governance
Satyan Mishra and Nitin Gachhayat
Part V: Looking Ahead
A Decade of Cyberlaw in India
Pavan Duggal
The New Iron Ore and the Roar of the Cloud
Sunny Ghosh and Sanjukt K. Saha
25 Years of .Com: Looking Back and Forward
Patrick Kane

From Landline to Mobile: India’s Internet Boom?
Vijay Shekar Sharma
The New Complexity of Internet Governance
Wolfgang Kleinwächter

Sam Pitroda


Sanjay said...

Thanks sir. This book seems to be interesting and useful. I have booked a copy.
- Sanjay Tambat

Sanjay said...

Thanks Sir. This seems to be an interesting and useful book.

Vishram said...

Thank you so much sir. Your posts are always useful.
The book is so timely and relevent. I plan to buy it.
-Vishram Dhole