Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Branding Strategies for Newspapers

MICA has designed a three-day workshop to address editorial and marketing challenges and branding strategies for newspapers. Dr. Pradeep Krishnatray, Dean-Research, MICA, has mailed me the following details:

Riding the Wave
Branding Strategies for Newspapers
February 3 ‐ 5, 2011, MICA Campus, Ahmedabad

During the last decade, unlike several developed countries, the newspaper industry in India has shown intense competition; not only have new newspapers been launched but also newspapers published from one city or state have launched new editions in different cities and states. Several traditional newspaper bastions have been successfully breached.
Today, newspaper industry in India is being described as the “Sunrise Industry” as against the “Sunset Industry” in the rest of the world. It is predicted that in the next decade the print industry in India will grow at a rate of 5 percent. Top dailies across the country have seen growth in readership in the recent round of IRS. Publishers are now looking for strengthening their brands and for new opportunities to ride this wave.
  • ·         What do you do as the next best newspaper?
  • ·         How do you retain your leadership in the market?
  • ·         How do you make your mark as a newspaper brand?
  • ·         Can you create a niche brand against competitive pressure?
MICA has designed a 3-day workshop to address editorial and marketing challenges and branding strategies for newspapers.

Programme Objectives
  • ·         Understand winning strategies: Case studies of newspapers from Indian and foreign markets
  • ·         Branding newspapers in dual audience market
  • ·         Understanding profile of readers-consumers
  • ·         Design content and activation strategies appropriate for readers-consumers
  • ·         Analyze competition strengths and weaknesses, trends in newspaper market
  • ·         Workshop to reflect on live problems based on issues related to participants’ market place
  • ·         Learning Outcomes
  • ·         At the end of the workshop, newspaper managers and editors would be able to
  • ·         Analyze competition and audiences and use insights obtained from it
  • ·         Make editorial and marketing decisions from branding perspective
  • ·         Design newspapers from audience perspective
  • Mr. Ajay Umat, Group Editor, Divya Bhaskar
  • Mr. Amit Sheth, Design Consultant and Visiting Faculty, NID
  • Dr. Anita Basalingappa, Chairperson, Marketing Area, MICA
  • Prof. Ashok Ranchhod, Director, MICA
  • Ms. Indrani Sen, Media & Marketing Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, MICA
  • Mr. I. Venkat, Director, Eenadu Group
  • Mr. Jwalant Swaroop, Director, Advertising & Business Development, Lokmat Media Ltd.
  • Dr. Pradeep Krishnatray, Dean-Research, MICA

 Programme dates
3 – 5 February, 2011
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)

Programme Fees

` 18,000/-
Communications Faculty

Management Development Programme Office
MICA, Shela, Ahmedabad-380058, Gujarat, INDIA

Tel: +91-2717-308250, 247946 to 51
Fax: +91-2717-308349

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