Saturday, 21 August 2010

'CounterMedia' blog launched

Veteran journalist B R P Bhaskar tells me that he has joined a group of young journalists in a mediawatch activity, which will be conducted initially through a blog titled 'CounterMedia' (URL: The team hopes to develop a separate website for the purpose as early as possible.

The broad objectives of the activity are as follows:
• Detecting bias, unchallenged assumptions, stereotyping, self-censorship etc. and documenting them
• Providing timely criques and in-depth analysis of news reports that are factual, not rhetorical
• Challenging mainstream media and compelling them to initiate reforms
• Empower and educate journalists by offering them alternate points of view, story ideas and links to resources
• Encourage public participation in media criticism
• Uphold freedom of speech and expression
• Help initiate structural reforms in media
• Help establish independent sources of public interest journalism
• Foster research into journalism and journalistic practices
Apart from the team members, other journalists and members of the general public will be able to express themselves in this forum.

The blog has been formally launched on August 20, 2010 with his post titled "The media and the Great Kerala Terrorist Hunt" (

Let us give our suggestions for improving and enlarging the scope of the activity.

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