Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Prof B P Sanjay is Vice Chancellor of new university in Tamil Nadu

Last week, I realized how disconnected I am from the academics, as also my parent profession of journalism. This was when I noticed, while in Delhi for a meeting, that Prof B P Sanjay was being congratulated by everybody around. Sheepishly, I asked him why.
It was for his new assignment: He has been nominated Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Tamil Nadu, established by the Central Universities Ordinance 2009.
Although he has taken charge of the new post weeks ago, I came to know about it so late in the day! Hence my lament.
I am delighted, like scores others in the Communication Studies domain that Prof Sanjay has been chosen to be the founding father of a Central university. There are only a few Communication scholars or journalists who eventually became vice-chancellors of established universities.
For Prof Sanjay, the assignment is tougher because he has to build a university brick-by-brick, literally. His address printed on his visiting card tells us how challenging his new job is. It is: Collectorate Annexe, Tiruvarur 6110001, Tamil Nadu. He is operating from a camp office, using a landline 91 4366 240240.
He had been at the helm at Delhi’s Indian Institute of Mass Communication, and until recently was Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Centrally-funded University of Hyderabad. With such rich academic and administrative experience, he is sure to take the new university to great heights.


Vice said...

Thanks kiran thakur for the introduction. Slight clarification though lest your learned friends scoff at the ambitious reference to 130 programmes. It was a mistake. What I had mentioned at the stake holders' meeting was that around 130 programmes are technically possible to be offered. However, I would launch a few non lab non equipment based programmes this year and incrementally develop and offer other programmes. The Hindu correspondent on the next day carried the clarification and I felt this should be shared with you and your readers.

Kiran Thakur said...

Many thanks Prof Sanjay.

Kiran Thakur said...

On second thoughts, I have edited out the text which I had picked from the Hindu story. All the best.

Dr Mira K Desai said...

Great to hear about the news...congratulations to Dr. Sanjay. it indeed is a great news. Dear Dr. Thankur keep us updated as always about the developments.

vijaya said...

It a great joy to hear about Prof.B.P Sanjay.Congratulations .

head said...

congrats Prof. Sanjay for becoming the first VC of first central university of Tamil Nadu! Since Tamil Nadu lacks in study of Languages, the common medium of communication, pl. build a school of languages on JNU/ DU Model.
I am searching the net, but there is no website, no contact id of VC and other functionaries, courses...Natarajan, BHU Varanasi

NATRAJ said...

Congrats sir,
its very nice to hear abt the new central university in TN and ur position in it. i m a Tiruvarur Guy. wish u all success sir

Anonymous said...

Wish you all success Sir. I am about to join as a lecturer in Govt. college, Tiruvarur as a lecturer in Visual Communication. Hope to meet you soon.


ராம் said...

உங்கள் கனவுகளை நனவாக்க நல்லதொரு வாய்ப்பு. முயற்சிகள் வெற்றிபெற வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

tripura said...

Nice to understand the profile of Prof.B.P.Sanjay.I am happy to congratulate you for the contribution you extended in the academics of Communication and Journalism and for being elevated to the position of Vice Chancellor.

Dr.T.Tripura Sundari,
Dept. of C&J,
SPMVV, Tirupati.